CAMPAIGN UPDATE (Sept 19, 2016): Khurram Parvez still in Kupwara Sub Jail – spread word about petition!

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
As per the latest press release from the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS), Khurram Parvez continues to be illegally detained by security forces. And while showing courage and good spirits, he is denied basic special needs, disability-friendly facilities, with official requests for the same being inhumanely ignored by jail authorities. This is all in addition to the horrible conditions of the jail itself and ill-treatment of other inmates, an issue that Khurram expressed deep concern for.
According to the JKCCS press release: “The jail is overcrowded due to the state’s continuing violent crackdown on the civilian population, in which by some estimates more than 5000 cases of breach of ‘public disorder’ have been registered in the last 70 days of anti-India protests. The jail currently houses about 105 prisoners, though its capacity is only 50-60. According to Khurram, a considerable number of detainees are political prisoners and protestors, including minors. Khurram’s detention draws attention to the context of widespread and systematic state repression of all forms of dissent in Kashmir and widespread use of arbitrary arrests and detentions of civilians in Kashmir.”
For ongoing updates, please visit JKCCS’ facebook feed:
All this means that we need to keep the pressure up – please spread the word about this petition and help put pressure on the Indian government to release Khurram Parvez!

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