INFORMATION (Feb 23, 2015): Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day 2015 – No justice for Kunan Poshpora survivors today

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Information
The following is a press release from the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (website – and

Press Release
23 February 2015
Today, the second commemoration of Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day and the 24th anniversary of Kunan Poshpora, was also the NINTH hearing in a petition filed in October 2013 by the Kunan Poshpora rape and torture survivors before the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, Srinagar. The petition, being heard by a double bench as a PIL, seeks court-monitored investigations in a case where virtually no investigations have been carried out, and compensation.
Prior to the hearing, the Indian army filed separate petitions before other judges of the High Court and, by suppressing the fact that the case was already before a double bench of the High Court, got an ex-parte, interim stay on the investigations and the State Human Rights Commission decision of 2011. Counsel for the survivors raised this issue before the double bench, and while the counsel for Union of India was accused of using “tactics” instead of doing justice and was told that there was a “court above us all”, no immediate relief was provided to the survivors who will now have to approach the Chief Justice and seek that all these petitions be clubbed and heard together. Separately, the Counsel for Government of Jammu and Kashmir was asked to file the compliance report on the issue of compensation which was earlier directed by the court in numerous orders in 2014.
While effectively the case has not resulted in any justice for the survivors, the campaign has exposed the State, and all its institutions. Further, struggle as resistance has been re-affirmed and the campaign has ensured that the crimes of the Indian State are remembered. In this context, the decision of Pakistan administered Kashmir to also commemorate 23 February as Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day is a welcome one.
– Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society
– Kunan Poshpora Village Committee
– Support Group for Justice for Kunan Poshpora


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